The Zombie Dictionary

Posted by: Mark Raby

Hey everyone! Hopefully you are all enjoying mountains of Thanksgiving leftovers and reveling in your Black Friday steals! Speaking of Black Friday, you know the imagery that brings up – All the mobs of people trampling over each other…hmm…sounds like a good segue into talking about zombies! So, for the first time we are going to announce a special feature of our book The Zombie Code. We will be including a miniature “Zombie Dictionary,” defining everything from “walking” to “brains,” but in the context of a zombie audience. This is the first section I started working on when the initial planning of this book began. Just for fun, here are a couple sample entries:

aaah / ˈä


A human utterance used to display weakness

human / ˈhyü-mən


A fast-moving and often annoyingly intelligent biped creature that provides the most satisfying source of cranial nutrition


Characteristic of a human or having similar inferior qualities or attributes (e.g., “It was very human of him to not suck the brain out of his former friend.”)

undead / ˌən-ˈded


1) The final state of being, as expressed by immortality, lack of emotion, and an insatiable desire for living flesh

2) Any creature that is in an undead state


Possessing characteristics of an undead


~ by markraby on November 27, 2009.

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